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The periodic assessment of the legislation mechanism

Preparing a periodic assessment of national legislation to ensure that it is effective and constantly updated, to counter new criminal practices and to ensure that they are consistent with the best practices and periodic standards is one of the best international practices.

In this regard, ACTA is working to develop a national legislative framework to promote transparency and integrity in the state and to develop a mechanism for the periodic evaluation of the legislation. In addition, to ensure the continuous modernization of such legislation and ensure that the state fulfills the relevant international obligations in light of the ACTA’s jurisdiction in accordance with the Amiri decree no. (6) of 2015. Also, in accordance with the requirements of the United Nations Convention against Corruption – ratified by the State of Qatar and thus has the power of law in the State.​

​In this regard, the Authority has taken the following steps:

  • ACTA is working on proposing a number of important legislative tools projects in the field of promoting transparency and integrity.
  • ACTA shall propose legislative amendments to the provisions of some existing national legislation, based on the recommendations of the report of the first review cycle of the United Nations Convention against Corruption.
  • ACTA​ shall develop a permanent national mechanism for the evaluation and review of the national legislative instruments related to transparency and integrity, this is based on the Authority’s specialization and the relevant international conventions and standards.​