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The authority provides direct channels of communication with the public to receive their complaints about corruption and dishonesty, and to take the necessary practical measures to verify such complaints, in coordination with the concerned authorities in the country.

The authority receives complaints related to the entities subject to its control, which are:

  • Ministries, government agencies, agencies and companies affiliated with any of them.
  • Public bodies, institutions, agencies and companies affiliated with any of them.
  • Private associations and institutions, and other entities that engage in activities of public interest.

The Authority does not consider the following complaints:

  • Complaints related to the acts stipulated in Article (3) of the Code of Criminal Procedure (read more).
  • Complaints brought before the judiciary or the Public Prosecution, or what a judicial ruling has been issued in respect of.
  • Complaints related to grievances against administrative decisions.
  • Complaints that do not include specific facts that enable the Authority to verify what is stated in them.

The personal data of the complainant will be requested for the internal use of the authority, knowing that this data will be treated with strict confidentiality for the purposes of examining and verifying the complaint, and will not be shared with the complained against without the complainant’s permission to do so.​

The authority can communicate with the complainant through the aforementioned data for the purpose of verifying the complaint or requesting additional information

National ID


Street number
Area number
Building number


Mobile number
Phone number
(Entity/Person) against whom the complaint is against
The purpose of the complaint
Content of the complaint
Have you ever submitted this complaint to another party?

If the answer is yes, please specify this entity and what has been done about it until the time of writing this complaint
I certify that the data and information contained in this complaint are correct, and I am aware that The information contained in this The complaint and any other information submitted to the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority will be subject to review and verification by the authority, and that I bear all legal responsibility in the event that the complaint is proven to be malicious.
Verification code: