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Integrity charter of contractors and suppliers

The Authority is working on preparing the Supplier and Contractor Integrity Charter with the aim of strengthening the systems, mechanisms and procedures governing the contracting and supplying operations in ministries, other government agencies and public bodies and institutions. This is based on paragraph (5) of Article (5) of the Amiri Decree No. 6 of 2015 to reorganize the Authority.

The Charter is an integral part of the Public Officials Integrity Charter, because it deals with the second party of the government procurement procedures (suppliers and contractors). The charter also enhances the system of tenders and biddings in the state through promoting the requirements of contractors or suppliers to government agencies.
The Administrative Control and Transparency Authority, in coordination with the Ministry of Finance, has participated in strengthening the content of the executive regulations of law no. (24) of 2015 by issuing the Tenders and Biddings Law, including its compliance with the international standards related to integrity and transparency.​