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The Council of Ministers approved a decision obligating all citizens and residents to install the (EHTERAZ) application on their smartphones when leaving the house for any reason, stressing that in the event that these decisions are not adhered to, the penalties stipulated in Law No. (17) of 1990 on the prevention of infectious diseases, by imprisonment for a period not exceeding three years and with a fine not exceeding (200,000) two hundred thousand riyals, or one of these two penalties.


What is EHTERAZ?

  • EHTERAZ is a smartphone app developed to protect society from the spread of Corona virus “Covid 19”.
  • EHTERAZ does this by tracking the transmission chains of the spread of the Corona virus, providing users with accurate information and assisting the medical teams involved in providing health care when necessary.
  • The application will alert you in the event you discover that you are in contact with an infected case, ensuring that you receive medical care in a timely manner.
  • EHTERAZ helps protect the community while ensuring your data remains safe.
  • When registering in EHTERAZ app, the profile of each application user is linked to a QR code by linking it to his medical file automatically from the competent authorities according to the following categories:
  • Green color: For individuals who have no symptoms or have had a negative examination result.
  • Yellow color: For individuals in quarantine facilities.
  • Red color: For infected with Corona virus.
  • Gray color: for suspected cases and individuals who have symptoms, or who have had contact with an infected person or are awaiting the results of an examination.
  • The information page in the application contains all the statistics issued by the Ministry of Public Health related to the Corona virus in Qatar, in addition to the hotlines page, which enables the application users to communicate with the relevant authorities in the event of any health or technical problems.
  • Notifications page, through which the application enables the official authorities to communicate with its users by sending them special notifications.


You can download the EHTERAZ app from the following links: