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Share your ideas with us… The Administrative Control and Transparency Authority competition on promoting the role of young people in the culture of integrity and promoting respect of the law

  In the framework of the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority efforts to enhance the social interaction of Qatari youth and to introduce outstanding Qatari youth models at the international level.

          The Authority invites young people from all educational institutions and from various educational levels, to participate in the “Education 4 Justice” competition to present creative and interactive projects related to preventing and combating corruption, and promoting a culture of integrity and respect of the law in order to promote a culture of society that rejects corruption.

          The competition aims to encourage young people to play a more active role in community efforts to promote the values of transparency and integrity, a culture that rejects corruption and respect of law in general. Thus, giving young people the opportunity to put their practical experiences and ideas from the reality of their social environment. 

          The competition includes prizes for the top three rankings: First place: QR 25,000, second place: QR 15,000, third place: QR 10,000.

          In addition, the winning competitors will have the opportunity to present their ideas at the high-level International Conference on the “Education for the Rule of Law”, which will be held at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, Austria. The winning presentations along with other distinctive presentations, will be presented on the official social media channels of the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority and International Conferences organized by the Authority.

          The terms of the competition are aimed at students aged between 10 to 21 years old. The competition prefers new, innovative and interactive ideas that will show how young people can play an active role in their social environment to promote integrity, transparency, preventing and combating corruption, and respect of the law.

          Entries can include speeches, essays, poetry or artwork, including drawings, paintings, digital photographs, and any general ideas about promoting integrity and transparency and their relationship to education within the institution and society as a whole.

          As for how to send the entries, the participants are accepted by e-mail:, and to download the application form for the competition, for more details you can visit our website:

          Note that the deadline for receiving entries is August 22, 2019.