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On International Anti-Corruption Day: President of the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority reviews the national and international efforts of the State of Qatar in this field

 H.E Hamad bin Nasser Al-Misned, President of the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority, stated that on the 9th of December of each year, the world celebrates the International Anti-Corruption Day, which is the date that coincides with the adoption of the United Nations Convention against Corruption on December 9, 2003, where it entered into force in 2005. The State of Qatar joined this Convention in 2007 and was keen to implement it at the national level. Qatar also made many efforts to enhance its implementation globally, and it is worth noting in this regard that the adoption of a mechanism to review the implementation of this convention was made at the third conference of the States parties, which was held in Doha in 2009.

          H.E stressed that the efforts of the State of Qatar in supporting the international effort to achieve sustainable development and prevent and combat corruption are continuous and witnessed, where the State of Qatar has provided great support to the United Nations organizations in these areas, at a time of increasing awareness of the importance of strengthening international cooperation and solidarity to combat corruption, address all forms of corruption and crime and the need for a strong desire for cooperation from all states parties and international organizations.

          In this field, the efforts of the State of Qatar at the international level was culminated in the launch of the Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani International Anti-Corruption Excellence Award, which is also granted annually on the International Anti-Corruption Day (December 9), starting in 2016, in coordination with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). It is awarded for individuals and organizations that actively contribute to fighting corruption, in four areas: Achievement, Innovation, Youth Creativity and Engagement, Research and Educational materials.

          Furthermore, H.E President of ACTA added that in hosting many relevant international conferences during the last period, the most recent of which is the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC), which will be held in the State of Qatar on 9-10 December 2019, shows an appreciation of the regional and international standing of the State of Qatar and an appreciation for its national efforts in areas of promoting integrity, transparency and anti-corruption.

          H.E also added that holding such conferences, it is in itself an affirmation of the importance of integrating all the roles of national bodies to promote integrity and anti-corruption. Also, in particular, it is an affirmation of the importance of Shura councils and parliaments in enhancing integrity and anti-corruption with their indispensable roles in the areas of legislation and control. 

          H.E President of ACTA praised the distinguished effort of the Qatari Shura Council and the active and prominent participation of the Council regionally and internationally, where he stressed that its success in organizing this important conference will add to the country’s successes in supporting international efforts to prevent and combat corruption.

          Moreover, H.E touched that the State of Qatar has a distinct legal and institutional framework in the field of preventing and combating corruption. This comes in light of a political will that does not tolerate any manifestation of corruption and societal culture that raises the values ​​of integrity and transparency, which made transparency and integrity rooted in all aspects of public and private work in the state. Thus, turned into the fact that Qatar took the highest ranking in this field.

          H.E also stated that the recent times have witnessed the launch and work on many bills that aim to enhance the distinguished legal and institutional framework for the State of Qatar. This includes the issuance of the Integrity of Public Officials Charter, which aims to achieve the highest indicators of transparency and integrity in the public office and enhance the protection of public money. Also, the preparation of an International cooperation guide in preventing and combating corruption, aims to facilitate international cooperation between the competent authorities in the State of Qatar and counterparts in other countries, which will be available in the six United Nations languages, and other languages in the future.

          In addition, H.E stressed that despite the clear distinctiveness of the State of Qatar in areas of promoting integrity, transparency and anti-corruption, this places a great responsibility on us to exert more effort to maintain and enhance this uniqueness continuously.

          In this regard, H.E President of ACTA stated that the Authority works through many programs and partnerships at the national and international levels, so that the State of Qatar will be a regional and global center in the areas of exchanging experiences, training and research with regard to promoting integrity, transparency and anti-corruption.