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Signing a memorandum of understanding between the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority and the Qatar Academy of Finance and Business

Signing a memorandum of understanding between Administrative Control and Transparency Authority (ACTA) and Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) to cooperate in providing specialized training programs for workers in national institutions, and to promote integrity and transparency practices.

H.E. Hamad Al-Misned: WE, with our partners, seek to invest in empowering the public sector to achieve the mission of the authority in promoting integrity and transparency practices.

Dr. Khaled Al Horr: We seek to actively contribute with our partners by providing programs that reflect the best international practices. 

H.E. Hamad bin Nasser Al-Misned, the president of ACTA and Dr. Khled Muhammed Al Horr, the president of QFBA, have signed a cooperation agreement between ACTA and QFBA to provide annual training and consultation programs that the authority and its target parties benefit from.

According to this agreement, , the two parties will implement several training and consultation programs to be provided annually to the candidates targeted by ACTA, its departments in the government sector with focus on other types of support to ACTA and its stakeholders to maximize their potential through training and consultation.

The agreement entails that QFBA develops and implements several training to organize the mechanism for preparing programs provided to ACTA in light of the requirements of the training needs of the ACTA. The agreement also stipulates that ACTA coordinates with QFBA to provide any extra training sessions or workshops. This is to ensure the high quality and efficiency while designing the program content and present it by investing the latest tools and techniques from trainers and curricula.

H.E Hamad bin Nasser Al-Misned, the president of ACTA, has expressed his satisfaction to collaborate with QFBA, stating that this sort of cooperation aims at investing in human resources and developing capabilities at ACTA.

Meanwhile, Dr. Khaled Al Horr, the president of QFBA, has assured that the cooperation agreement with ACTA enhances the dual work between the two parties. He has also expressed the QFBA readiness to carry out the required training needed to develop ACTA, hoping that QFBA Strengthening the efforts to prepare and develop training programs in cooperation with ACTA, based on its pivotal role in supporting Qatar National Vision 2030

Upon this agreement, Dr. Khaled Al Horr said that QFBA works with diverse experts, trainers and consultants in the fields of the different training and consultation programs which shall assist ACTA in achieving its’ objectives, he also stated that QFBA strategy depends on investing in human capital in the State of Qatar to support in creating a knowledge-based economy.