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College of Law students’ visit the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority

Within the framework of the existing cooperation between the Administrative
Control and Transparency Authority (ACTA) and the Qatar University, ACTA
received 11 students from the College of Law, on Monday, 10th of February. The
aim of the visit was for introducing students to the nature of the legal researchers’
work, and the skills that the student must obtain in preparation for work as a legal
researcher at ACTA or one of the state agencies after graduation.
The visit program included several topics, 8the most prominent of which was a
brief introductory on ACTA of terms of reference, goals, legislations governing
them, and regulating the work provisions of ACTA and its organizational
structure. Additionally, the Legal Affairs Department reviewed the competencies
of their department by offering practical applications, duties and tasks that the
legal researcher must do, in addition to the skills that must be acquired before
joining the labor market, which are adequate knowledge of laws related to public
employment and the continuous development of legal ownership through
knowledge and perseverance to read as much as possible judicial rulings and legal

Furthermore, the visit included a tour through ACTA, during which students were
able to get acquainted with the work mechanism of the Legal Affairs Department,
discuss with the employees some of the specializations carried out by the
authority’s employees, and how to join the training programs in ACTA.
The students also visited ACTA’s library and identified the most important books
and references available in it, from law books in all its branches and sections, as
well as other books related to ACTA’s work fields such as books on governance,
anti-corruption, transparency, administrative control, and other various fields that
enriches the mind of the reader from ACTA’s staff and library visitors from
outside the authority.
It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that ACTA receives students
from the College of Law, as ACTA participated in several semesters in the
external training program of the College of Law, through which the Authority
trained many college students as an initiative aimed at arming Qatari youth with
the necessary experience to serve the community.