In light of the competence of the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority to study the reasons for the lack of administrative, technical and financial systems that hinder the regular functioning of the bodies subject to the Authority’s supervision, and propose ways to avoid them.

In this regard, ACTA is working to develop a national framework to promote transparency and integrity in the national institutions and bodies, including specific standards that cover all matters related to transparency and integrity in those bodies in accordance with laws and administrative systems in the country, in accordance with the best international experiences in this field.

The framework aims to identify and promote excellence in national bodies and to identify deficiencies in the financial, administrative and technical systems in terms of transparency and integrity, and the reasons for this deficiency, which facilitates the development and implementation of solutions to the shortcomings that might be discovered.

The importance of implementing this framework for national institutions is to enhance the capacity of these institutions to maintain public funds, to detect any deficiencies or shortcomings and to identify their causes. It also contributes to creating a healthy working environment that enhances the efficiency of the governmental institutions in general.

On the other hand, the framework represents a new concept in promoting the prevention of corruption and avoiding its effects.

ACTA seeks to be a pilot country experience, which then can be used at the regional and international levels. This will enhance Qatar’s pioneering role in promoting the transparency and integrity.